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The third largest city in the Greater Toronto Area, Bramption makes up the seat of the Peel Region. With a population of over 450,000, Brampton is the 11th larges city in Canada and has become one of Canada’s fastest growing municipalities, with an average growth rate of 6.6%. With its close proximity to the Greater Toronto Area, Brampton has become a leading destination for immigration creating a culturally diverse city, something its residents take immense pride in.

Brampton’s young and rich multicultural mosaic represents individuals from over 175 distinct ethnic backgrounds, something that is reflected in the expansive  mix of restaurants and boutiques, performing as well as visual arts, museums, celebratory festivals, high standing educational opportunities, whether they be at the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels and the  wide-ranging recreational opportunities that are in part facilitated by the 6,000 plus acres of beautiful parklands and open spaces.

The compelling characteristics found amongst Brampton and its residents not only attract people, but also business and investment and just as importantly, act to keep them there. Within the last decade, Brampton has seen an increase in the amount of both domestic, international and brand new businesses looking to take advantage of the city’s numerous attributes. Via modern infrastructure, a vibrant and highly educated workforce and immediate access to an extensive network of trans-continental highways and Canada’s Pearson International Airport, the city of Brampton is connected to both domestic and global markets, making it ready and highly willing to take on business challenges of all sizes. So, when faced with the decision of where to locate, it’s not hard to see why both people and businesses choose Brampton.

In a city of this size, there is always a lot going on within the housing industry. Whether people are looking to enter into the market, or upgrade their current living situation, houses are always being bought and sold, within the city of Brampton. If you are interested in selling your Brampton home, it is important for one to consider private real estate as an option. Homes for sale by owner offer many advantages to traditional selling methods, with a main benefit being the considerable amount of money saved. A company with a growing reputation within this segments is MLS® real estate listings, as people who list on MLS® experience maximum exposure of their home to potential buyers, but also receive the support they require to do it right. So, contact a dedicated representative at MLS® and inquire about getting a flat fee MLS® listing today!

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