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Markham is a town located in the Greater Toronto Area of Southern Ontario, and part of the Regional Municipality of York. Town holds a current population 261,573, as of 2006, making Markham the fourth-most populous municipality in the GTA, after Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton. With that said, Markham is also the largest town and fastest growing municipality in Canada, having grown by 71%, since the 1991 Census.

Such growth occurred after Markham was incorporated as a town in 1972, which saw its population skyrocket due to urban sprawl from Toronto. Since that time, the area has seen explosive growth in the development of new subdivisions, resulting in Markham now having seen most of its farmland disappear.

While the town has experienced some growing pangs, Markham has a lot to offer those who choose to live and/or work in the area. Residents will discover a treasure trove of things to see and do. One can take in numerous arts and culture exhibits as there are a number of theaters, museums and heritage tours that allows one to experience the rich history of the area and the various cultures that have helped to create it. Or, if one is the active type, they can take advantage of the endless sports and recreation opportunities that are always within reach of Markham residents. There are plenty of parks, trails and open spaces for those who enjoy being outdoors. On top of this, there are several community centers and arenas for those who enjoy indoor sports and other such activities.

In terms of work opportunities, as the town of Markham continues to grow and diversify its economy, prospects continue to look up. Although once known primarily for its agricultural opportunities, in recent years Markham claims to be "Canada's Hi-Tech Capital" with a number of key companies in the area, such as IBM, Motorola, Toshiba, Lucent, Honeywell, Apple, Genesis Microchip. The town is also home to the head office of graphics card producer ATI (recently merged with AMD). In a society that is being driven by technology, the town of Markham is putting itself in a great position for future growth and prosperity.

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