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The town of Newmarket is a municipality in the heart of the York Region, in Southern Ontario, located approximately 25 kilometers north of the City of Toronto. A part of the Greater Toronto Area and the Golden Horseshoe, Newmarket is well connected by highway to the Toronto area, served by two interchanges along Highway 404 and connected to Highway 9. Such close proximity to the City of Toronto has seen the town of Newmarket expand quite rapidly over the past decade, to a multicultural community of just over 84,000. This number is projected to 98,000 by 2026.

Although Newmarket has undergone substantial and sustained growth, it remains a close-knit community offering a variety of business, residential and recreational opportunities. For both residents and visitors, Newmarket caters to all their needs and more, with was plethora of big city conveniences all fulfilled with a small town charm that you just cannot get anywhere else. The intermingling of beautiful, century old Main Street shops, modern commercial plazas, lush parks and a flourishing indoor shopping mall creates a social and visual ambiance that cannot be overlooked.

To preserve the town’s natural characteristics and charm, Newmarket’s 2006 Official Plan looks to balance the desire to maintain the present low-density urban form characterized by the segregation of residential, retail and employment uses and the need to comply with Ontario’s Places to Grown legislation. As such, four areas of Newmarket have been selected to absorb the majority of planned population growth and accommodate mixed usages on sites well-served by transit.

It is quite clear that Newmarket is a town that values its rich historical past and small town pleasantries, while being fully aware that growth is inevitable and should be well prepared for. In an expanding housing market such as Newmarket, properties area always being bought and sold. If you are looking to sell your Newmarket property, homes for sale by owner is a growing trend that one should consider as private real estate offers numerous advantages over selling through a traditional realtor. MLS® real estate listing is an emerging powerhouse in this segment of the real estate market as it offers its clientele their system, which is designed to get the exposure you need while having the backing of knowledgeable and helpful real estate professionals. Get real savings and positive experiences when you list on MLS®. Do not wait to find out about getting your own flat feel MLS® listing.

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