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Oakville (2006 population 165,613) is a town in Halton Region, on Lake Ontario in Southern Ontario, Canada, and is part of the Greater Toronto Area. Founded in the year 1857, this striking town has become one of the most coveted residential and business centres in Ontario. As such, it has become one of the most affluent towns in Canada.

A vivacious and remarkable community, located within the Greater Toronto Area, the Town of Oakville is an attractive lakeside town with a strong sense of heritage that is both celebrated and preserved by its residents and visitors alike. The town boasts an array of great neighbourhoods as well as great places to conduct business. Along historical downtown streets, Oakville offers a mix of converted 19th century buildings which accommodate a multitude of fine shops, services and restaurants. Oakville also offers its residents a plethora of high-high quality educational institutions at either the elementary, secondary and post-secondary levels. Adding to its attractiveness, the Town of Oakville is also equipped with a full-service acute care community hospital. It’s true, this thriving municipality of approximately 165,000 residents provides all the advantages of a well-serviced urban centre, while also maintaining its small-town character.

For those that call Oakville home, they are able to enjoy a lifestyle that is second to none. The Parks and Open Space department and the Recreation and Culture department work together to provide a diverse range of culture, leisure and open space opportunities. With a variety of facilities to suit all ages and interests, Oakville’s fitness centres are filled with activity. And to ensure that the interests of the town’s residents continue being met, the town has adopted a community development approach, enabling it to work in partnership with the community, to identify and fulfill the needs of individuals as well as community groups.

Thanks to such characteristics, the city has historically been a destination with a high quality of life, and continuously ranks amongst best towns in Canada in which to reside. In a housing market as desirables as Oakville, those looking to sell can turn a significant profit on one of their biggest investments. A great way to maximize return on investment is to consider private real estate. Listing your property for sale by owner is an option has helped many people in the Oakville area selling their home to save thousands of dollars every year as well as receive numerous other advantages. By choosing a company with a proven track record, listing on MLS® offers sellers the guidance and exposure home sellers need, all while helping them to retain as much money from the sale of your home as possible. If you think private real estate can suit your needs, contact one of our many qualified representatives today, to discuss how you can get started with your flat feel MLS® listing today.

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