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Oshawa, Ontario is a city (population 141,590 as of 2006) on the Lake Ontario shoreline. The city is positioned in Southern Ontario, approximately 60 kilometres east of downtown Toronto. A part of the Greater Toronto Area, Oshawa is commonly viewed as being the eastern anchor of the GTA as well as the Golden Horseshoe’s. Although Oshawa is a part of the GTA, it is not part of the Toronto CMA, but rather has its own metropolitan area, the fourteenth largest in Canada.

Because Oshawa was for many years a separate and distinct community from Toronto, it has been able to remain an urban centre unto itself in certain ways. For instances, the city is adjoined by several suburbs in its Census Metropolitan Area, which is entirely contained within the Greater Toronto Area. And although many residents commute to Toronto for employment, the city, unlike many others, is not considered a bedroom community of Toronto. When the automotive industry (one of the city’s largest employers) fell upon hard times in the late 90s and early 2000s, the City of Oshawa began promoting the areas downtown core as a viable place to live and work, and in doing so has managed to attract new business and other projects to the city core. The opening of the General Motors Sports and Entertainment Complex has further sparked renewed interest in the downtown area’s revitalization.

For those who making their way in and out of the city, Oshawa has various transportation opportunities. GO Transit trains connect the city with Toronto, Hamilton and points between. GO Transit buses provide service from Oshawa along the Highway 401 and Highway 2 corridors in Durham Region and to Toronto and York Region. GO Transit bus service is also provided from Oshawa Train station to Clarington and Peterborough via the downtown bus terminal. The Oshawa Station is owned by the national rail carrier VIA Rail, which operates a service along the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor. Other services from the station include GO Buses, and the regional transit system Durham Region Transit provides local bus service, having replaced Oshawa Transit on January 1, 2006. Furthermore, Private intercity buses are provided by Greyhound Canada (to Toronto, Port Hope, Cobourg and Belleville, as well as to Peterborough and Ottawa, and Can-Ar daily to/from Lindsay and Toronto.

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