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Whitby, Ontario, Canada is a town located in the heart of the Durham region, which lies 48 Kilometres from the centre of the City of Toronto. Situated in the eastern part of the Greater Toronto Area on the north shore of Lake Ontario, the town of Whitby boasts a population of 111,184 as of 2006. Towns in the surrounding area include Scugog and Uxbridge to the north of Whitby, Oshawa to the east, south is Lake Ontario and to the west of Whitby is Ajax/Pickering.

Given its proximity to the City of Toronto, Whitby saw a population increase of 27.1% over the course of the 1996-2001 Census periods. That having been said, a growing population also brings with it a workforce ready and willing to sustain a healthy and growing economy. In fact, the Town of Whitby prides itself on having one of the finest diversified labour forces in the industrial marketplace of Ontario. Skilled and semi-skilled trades men and women have the expertise in numerous areas, some of which include: steel fabrication, plastics, defence technology, information technology, automotive operations, pharmaceuticals, electronics, telecommunications, packaging and publishing, to name but a few. Meanwhile, Durham College Skills Training Centre is pumping newly educated and trained graduated into the Whitby workforce, year by year, helping to ensure prolonged economic success.

For families living in and/or looking to reside in Whitby, the town offers an excellent and highly developed standardized public education system. Both public schools and Catholic schools in the Town of Whitby are publicly funded educational institutions, paid for through the Ontario Ministry of Education and are operated by Municipal Boards of Education. Furthermore, private schools in Whitby as well as Durham College (operates a campus in Whitby) go a long way to provide top quality programing all within a modernized applied learning environment.

Adding to both a strong economic profile as well as advanced educational opportunities, is a lifestyle that is second to none. Also attributing to such a high quality of life, in the Town of Whitby, Ontario include a high average family income; an above average percentage of the population over the age of 20 with some university of education as well as a high percentage of detached single-family homes. Sports and recreation are also experiences that are also in abundance, throughout the Town of Whitby.

As many who have come as well as those who have move on can attest; the Town of Whitby offers the best of rural and urban living. From beautiful Victorian homes to high-rise condominiums all conveniently located to playground, parks, schools, and shopping. Indeed, Whitby is a clean, safe and fun place to live, work or play. Looking to sell your current Whitby property? Why not do so with the help of a MLS® real estate listing? Listing with MLS® allows property owners the unique advantage of endeavoring into private real estate, while doing so with the backing of a professional MLS® real estate team with them, every step of the way. Owners who list their properties for sale by owner a trend that is growing in numbers across the Whitby area,  as it offers an alternative to traditional home-selling methods. Call one of our many qualified representatives to discuss the many advantages of private real estate and how you can sell your home via a flat fee MLS® listing today!

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