• MLS® listing not included in every package
  • is not equal to your local MLS®


ComFree sells property marketing packages and offers a MLS® listing on BUT, unlike a COMPLETE MLS® listing through, ComFree simply puts links to their website. Their marketing packages have a wide price range, depending on in what part of Canada you live.

There are 100 real estate boards in Canada (see here). Each board manages its own MLS® listings. All MLS® listing are then published to the public website "". posts your MLS® listing TO YOUR LOCAL MLS® BOARD ie) to your local buying agents, as well as the public website This is the most effective way for your local agents to find your condo for sale and bring their condo buyers to you.

Listings over the past 15 years

*125,000 on ComFree vs over 10,000,000 on MLS®

MLS� listings are responsible for majority of condo sales

MyCondoListing attracts 100,000+ REALTORS® who represent buyers AND direct or private buyers.

With MyCondoListing, you gain exposure to represented buyers, but always maintain the right to sell privately. You control the entire process.

See the our flat-fee MLS® listing packages

*comfree details Aug 2013 M5V toronto residential, subject to change, please visit their website for details

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