Property Guys Review


  • NOT Licensed REALTORS®
  • MLS® Listing not included in each package
  • 2 different companies


Property Guys representatives are service/salespeople & franchisees. They are NOT Licensed REALTORS® (read the footer of their website), thus to get your property listed onto MLS® &, after buying a Property Guys package, you must sign a different agreement. In addition an MLS® listing is only available in the two packages.

Marketing Exposure to Buyers

All private sale & for sale by owner transactions in total = <10% versus MLS® = 90%+.

MLS listings are responsible for majority of FSBO condo sales

If you are serious about selling your condo - get on MLS®. It is where sales happen!


A MLS® Listing package is more expensive with Property Guys than with

With MyCondoListing, MLS® and is included in every listing package, whereas Property Guys only offer a listing on their most expensive packages.

With Property Guys, you also have to deal with one of their broker affiliates (which is a different company altogether) in order to get on MLS®.

With, you ONLY deal with Open Door Realty Inc., Brokerage. We are a Licensed Real Estate Brokerage and REALTOR®. You only deal with us - one company - one source for any questions and help to list and sell your condo.

Real Estate Expertise

Property Guys representatives are franchisees and salespeople who sell you a private sale marketing package, not a licensed REALTOR®. With 5 full business days of training from Property Guys University, these franchisees have purchased a Property Guys franchise for $40,000 to $70,000.

Property Guys advertise on their franchise website:

See the our flat-fee MLS® listing packages

*property guys details Aug 2013 M5V toronto residential, subject to change, please visit their website for details

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